Mega Drop Down for SharePoint

Mega Drop Down Professional Edition for SharePoint 2010

Mega Menus

Having usable and accurate navigation is essential to the success of your SharePoint site.  SharePoint's default navigation provides a general view of the overall structure of your site, however it does not allow you to provide users with easy access to the wealth of content that is buried deep within your site.

Mega Drop Down allows you to dynamically display content based on:

  • Managed Meta Data tagged content (Taxonomy)
  • SharePoint list managed navigation (with sub-folder grouping)
  • Dynamic and static links
  • Search Query navigation

In addition to providing visibility to your content, Mega Drop Down allows you to present this information in a visually rich and effective interface.  Using the GUI-based administration interface, site designers can define the layout and structure for each drop down menu. Mega Drop Down's Content Block architecture allows designers to create their own layout and structure which can be styled with CSS. 

Some features include:

  • Fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Drag and drop based Menu Administration
  • Allow departments and users to manage their own navigation
  • Cross site-collection navigation
  • Unique navigation at site collection or sub-site level
  • Rotate content within the drop down menu
  • No custom HTML required. Fully customizable via CSS
  • PowerShell deployable navigation
  • XHTML Compliant
  • Integrates with any master page.
  • Import and export navigation

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SharePoint Version Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
Browser (for Admin) Internet Explorer 7-11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Feature List
  • List-based Navigation
  • Display Site Taxonomy
  • Cross Site Collection Navigation
  • Cross Web Application Navigation
  • Display Callout Content
  • Display Images
  • Search-based Links
  • No HTML Code Solution
  • Import/Export Navigation
  • PowerShell Deployable Navigation
  • SharePoint View Support
  • Display Publishing Pages
  • Quick Launch Menus
  • Accordion Menus
  • Multi-lingual Navigation
  • High Performance Caching
  • Display Multiple Menus
  • Multi-tier Navigation
  • Integrated Search Control
  • Managed Meta Data Navigation
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Mega Drop DownMega Drop DownMega Drop DownMega Drop DownMega Drop DownMega Drop DownMega Drop DownMega Drop DownMega Drop Down
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Mega Drop DownMega Drop DownMega Drop DownMega Drop Down
  Standard Professional
List-based Navigation Yes Yes
Display Site Taxonomy Yes Yes
Cross Site Collection Navigation Yes Yes
Cross Web Application Navigation Yes Yes
Display Callout Content Yes Yes
Display Images Yes Yes
Search-based Links Yes Yes
No HTML Code Solution Yes Yes
Import/Export Navigation Yes Yes
PowerShell Deployable Navigation Yes Yes
SharePoint View Support   Yes
Display Publishing Pages   Yes
Quick Launch Menus   Yes
Accordion Menus   Yes
Multi-lingual Navigation   Yes
High Performance Caching   Yes
Display Multiple Menus   Yes
Multi-tier Navigation   Yes
Integrated Search Control   Yes
Managed Meta Data Navigation   Yes
Audience Targeting   Yes
Product Description Price
Mega Drop Down Professional SharePoint Server 2010
Single Farm License

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