Mega Drop Down for SharePoint 2013

Release Notes - 22-May-2016

  • Resolved issue with Internet Explorer displaying drop down menus behind multimedia and page viewer web parts.
  • When caching is enabled, the menu cache will be reset whenever the menu configuration is saved within UI Designer. - 8-March-2016

  • Taxonomy Headings will now correctly display filtered items for both system language and installed language packs.
  • Resolved issue when using GlobalMenuUrl with HTTPS alternate access mappings. - 23-February-2016

  • Managed Navigation group headings defined without URLs will only display static text. - 28-January-2016

  • Fixed issue with loading existing menus for non-latin based regions/languages - 16-January-2016

  • Resolved issue with relative Urls and Taxonomy Navigation links.
  • Updated Taxonomy Navigation to display a single list of terms for nested Terms without any children.
  • Links within List Headings that are configured to display out-of-the-box lists and libraries such as Blogs or Wikis will point to the item's page or default detail view.
  • Added DisableAAMRewrite attribute to sparch:menu control in the master page. When set to True, Mega Drop Down will not rewrite any links based on Alternate Access Mappings.
    For example:

    $$sparchstart runat='server' DisableAAMRewrite='true' $$sparchend - 3-October-2015

  • Resolved issue with Export button not working when multiple versions of jQuery are included in the master page.
  • GlobalMenuUrl attribute now supports ports other than 80 and 443 when using a root path (e.g. '/') as the Url value.
  • Extended Web Applications will no longer appear in the Web Application drop down on the Select Location dialog.
  • Added the CSS Clear property to Borders and Settings under the Spacing section. When floating elements, Clear specifies which sides of the element should float. Valid values are none, left, right, both, initial, or inherit: - 30-August-2015

  • Taxonomy Navigation Urls will be listed as fully qualified Urls for the current Web Application.
  • Lists can now be excluded from caching by specifying the list Url in the CacheExcludeList attribute within the sparch:menu declaration in the master page.

    For example:

    $$sparchstart CacheExcludeList='' $$sparchend

    The list located at '' will be not be included in Mega Drop Down's internal memory cache.

    Multiple lists can be declared by separating each list Url with the pipe (|) symbol.

    For example:

    $$sparchstart CacheExcludeList=' |'$$sparchend

    The lists located at '' and '' will both be excluded from Mega Drop Down's memory cache.

    The Url specified for the CacheExcludeList attribute should exactly match the Url defined for the List Heading. - 22-July-2015

  • Updated License Manager to better support checking for product updates.
  • Resolved licensing issue after restoring content databases from other farms. It is recommended to update License Manager for this release. If you are regularly restoring content databases from other farms, it is also recommended that you deactivate and re-activate the product after upgrading License Manager. This should prevent "Control not registered" errors after content databases are restored.
  • Updated CSS to better support third-party themes and master pages.

2.4.5 - 26-June-2015

  • List Headings can now display nested folders. Specify the number of nested folders (depth) by changing the Depth of folders to display option:

    If styling the menu using CSS, reference nested sections using the CSS selector: ".mdd-section.sub":

    Sections that contain sub-sections have the children class applied and can be referenced as .mdd-section.children

    If styling the menu using UI Designer, select the Sub-sections item in the Apply to drop down:

    The example sites have been updated to include a new drop down named Research which demonstrates using two levels of navigation links.
  • Url column values for List Headings and Callout Headings that contain URLs to the current SharePoint site will now be dynamically rewritten to point to the current Alternate Access Mapping zone instead of the default zone.
  • When using the Sort Order value "Position" for List Headings, folders and list items are now sorted regardless if the item is a Folder or a Link. Previously folder items always appeared before links regardless of the Position column value.
  • Resolved issue with List Heading properties not saving correctly in non-English (en-us) environments.

2.4.4 - 22-May-2015

  • Added mddResultAdding event that is triggered before results are loaded with Content Search controls.

    Events can be handled using the following:

    $mddj(document).on("mddResultAdding", function (evt) {
      // access the Content Search control by using $mddj(;
  • Improved internal caching when drop downs use List Headings that point to the same list but use different Views.
  • jQuery upgraded to 1.11.3. This is automatically included from the /15/layouts/archetonomy/mdd/js/jquery.min.js file and no action is needed.

2.4.3 - 23-Apr-2015

  • Added Refining support to the Content Search control.
  • Added Grouping support to the Content Search control.
  • Resolved issue with Content Search control sorting custom columns and added support for Ranking Models.

2.4.2 - 7-Apr-2015

  • Added mddResultAdded event that is triggered when results are loaded with Content Search controls.

    Events can be handled using the following:

    $mddj(document).on("mddResultAdded", function (evt) {
        // access the Content Search control by using $mddj(;
  • Resolved issue with Content Search Control when building custom queries using Change Query / Advanced mode.
  • Resolved issue with GlobalMenuUrl and displaying List Form Pages and custom list views with spaces in the view name.

2.4.0 - 6-March-2015

  • Arrow keys can now position drop down elements. To reposition items, hover over an element to mark it active and then use the up/down/left/right arrow keys.
  • jQuery upgraded to 1.11.2. This is automatically included from the /15/layouts/archetonomy/mdd/js/jquery.min.js file and no action is needed.
  • Improved detection of Window 8/8.1 devices.
  • Added Content Search Control that displays search results inside a drop down menu.

    View the Content Search video tutorial

    The control is located under the Content Block menu in the UI Designer tool bar. Create a new Content Search Control by dragging the control to your menu:

    Create a query by clicking the Change Query button:

    Customize query parameters in the Query Builder window:

    If your query is displaying images or custom columns, click the Change Columns button:

    Use the Column Builder window to assign search result fields to fields displayed by Mega Drop Down.

    - Select the Basic tab to added standard SharePoint Search columns.
    - Select the Managed tab to add custom Managed Search Properties. - 7-December-2014

  • Added sample master page MySite15-mdd.master that will display Mega Drop Down on MySites.
  • Resolved issue with Tree control on Select Navigation dialog when using non-standard ports.
  • Improved CSS for UI Designer on pages that includes third-party components using jQueryUI.
  • Updated ListPanel control to support Windows 8.1 and Surface 3 (latest update) when Mega Drop Down is configured to open menus when clicking mouse (Desktop Users). - 23-October-2014

  • Resolved Access Denied issue when a user is attempting to view a dropdown menu that contains a Callout List that exists in a site that the user does not have at least read access.
  • UI Designer properly saves Search Link elements that are nested inside Heading elements.
  • The Property, Text and Colors, and Borders and Spacing dialogs now display element properties in separate sections to better support smaller resolution environments.

  • Added a Person Site Column that can be added to Callout Elements. This column can contain a reference to a SharePoint User. When populated, the Person column displays the user Name and Lync Presence in the specified format defined in the Column's properties:

  • The Select Navigation dialog when browsing for links from UI Designer now supports Alternate Access Mappings. The Site Collection drop down will display the current browser URL instead of the Default Alternate Access Mapping URLs.
  • Resolved repositioning issue in UI Designer when closing and reopening menus before saving changes

2.3.5 - 22-June-2014

  • When using Publishing Variations and the GlobalMenuUrl parameter, navigation for the site-specific language will now be loaded from the GlobalMenuUrl value.

    For example, the following site structure has been defined:
    Variation root site with navigation menus created for English and German.
    English Variation sub-site.
    German Variation sub-site.

    Mega Drop Down master page configuration:

    $$sparchstart runat="server" ... GlobalMenuUrl='' $$sparchend

    In this example, German browsers will load the German navigation and English browsers will load the English navigation (both from

    Menu and Site Languages

    The language used for a site is determined using several different methods and depends on the type of site being viewed. The following is a brief overview of how languages work within SharePoint and how Mega Drop Down loads language-specific navigation.

    Mega Drop Down will attempt to load the navigation for the language that the user is viewing for that site. It is not always obvious as to what language SharePoint is using for a site as some content may appear in one language while other user-generated content may display in the default language. An easy way to determine what language the site is using is to view the Settings Menu (accessed from the gear button next to the user name in the top right corner of the site). Unless manually customized, this menu will always be displayed in the language that the site is currently using.

    In all scenarios, Mega Drop Down will attempt to load navigation for the current language. If the navigation has not been defined for this language, Mega Drop Down will load navigation for the default language.

    There are two distinct methods that SharePoint uses for language detection:

    Non-Variation Sites

    The language needs to be defined as either the default language or an alternate language in the Site Settings / Site Administration / Language settings for the site.

    The site's alternate language is only used when the user has added the language to the My Display Languages in the Language and Region section for their profile (i.e. About Me page). Since multiple languages can be added, order is important and the first language that matches either the default or alternate language will be used.

    If an alternate language has not been matched with any of My Display Languages, or My Display Languages is empty, the site's default language will be used.

    Variation Sites

    Variation root sites will automatically redirect the user to the language-specific site (if available) based on the language defined within the browser. In Internet Explorer, this can be managed from the Internet Options / General / Languages dialog. Order is important and the first language in the list that matches a Variation Label (site) will be used.

    The User Profile My Display Languages setting does not affect Variation redirects or the language that a site should use (this is default behavior with SharePoint 2013).

  • Two PowerShell scripts are now included in the \samples\scripts directory:


    Exports the Mega Drop Down navigation configuration from a SharePoint site to a text file.

    getNav -Url "site url" [-StartMenu "menu name"] [-Language "two-letter language-code"] [-File "export filename"] [-Confirm true|false]


    getNav exports navigation that is used by Mega Drop Down for SharePoint 2013. The contents of the navigation is exported to a text file and the default export filename is mdd_nav.txt.

    The Url parameter should be a fully qualified URL to the site where navigation should be exported.

    The (optional) Language parameter specifies the language that should be used for exporting navigation. The value should be specified in the ISO 639-1 format and should match the language pack(s) that have been installed in the SharePoint farm. Examples: de for German, nl for Dutch, fr for French

    The (optional) File parameter specifies the name of the output file.

    The (optional) StartMenu parameter specifies the unique menu ID when using multiple Mega Drop Down controls in the same master page. The value of this parameter is the value you are using in the

    $$sparchstart $$sparchend declaration.

    The (optional) Confirm parameter determines if confirmation prompts should be suppressed. Example: -confirm:$true

    .\getNav.ps1 -Url
    Exports the navigation for the default language to a text file using the default filename mdd_nav.txt

    .\getNav.ps1 -Url -StartMenu leftnav
    Exports the navigation for the menu defined as 'leftnav' in the default language to a text file using the default filename mdd_nav.txt

    .\getNav.ps1 -Url -File myimport.txt
    Exports the navigation for the default language to a text file nameed myexport.txt

    .\getNav.ps1 -Url -Language de
    Exports the navigation for German to the file mdd_nav.txt

    .\getNav.ps1 -Url -Action remove
    Removes the navigation at the site


    Imports the Mega Drop Down navigation configuration from a text file to a SharePoint site.


    setNav -Url "site url" [-StartMenu "menu name"] [-Language "two-letter language code="] [-File "import filename"] [-Action "[add] | remove"] [-Confirm true|false]


    setNav allows navigation for Mega Drop Down for SharePoint 2013 to be imported to a site. The contents of the navigation is imported from a text file. The default name for the file is mdd_nav.txt

    The Url parameter should be a fully qualified URL to the site where navigation should be imported. The (optional) StartMenu parameter specifies the unique menu ID when using multiple Mega Drop Down controls in the same master page. The value of this parameter is the value you are using in the $$sparchstart $$sparchend declaration.

    The (optional) Language parameter specifies the language that should be used for importing navigation. The value should be specified in the ISO 639-1 format and should match the language pack(s) that have been install in the SharePoint farm. Examples: de for German, nl for Dutch, fr for French

    The (optional) File parameter specifies the name of the import file.

    The (optional) Action parameter should either specify (default) add or remove. Remove will remove the navigation configuration for the site.

    The (optional) Confirm parameter determines if confirmation prompts should be suppressed. Example: -confirm:$true

    Navigation is stored in the standard JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. URLs defined in Mega Drop Down's UI Designer can be automatically rewritten to imported URL by replacing the base URLs in the text file with the token (site) [including parenthesis]. The import file can be edited in a standard text editor such as notepad.

    For example, a List Heading has been defined and currently points to Resources Links

    The navigation has been exported from and is now being imported to Changing Resources Links to (site)lists/Human Resources Links in the text file would import the List Heading as Resources Links

    The (site) token can be used for any URL that is defined in the import text file.


    .\setNav.ps1 -Url
    Imports the navigation from the (default) file mdd_nav.txt to the site at

    .\setNav.ps1 -Url -StartMenu leftnav
    Imports the navigation from the (default) file mdd_nav.txt to the menu for the 'leftnav' control at the site

    .\setNav.ps1 -Url -File myimport.txt
    Imports the navigation from the file myimport.txt to the site at

    .\setNav.ps1 -Url -Language de
    Imports the German navigation from the (default) file to the site at

    .\setNav.ps1 -Url -Action remove
    Removes the navigation at the site - 10-June-2014

  • Added support for browser 'touch' events that allow devices that offer both touch and mouse input (e.g. Windows 8) to open drop downs. On these devices, menus can be displayed by either clicking or tapping a menu.
  • Added Text Control that can display static text within a drop down. The Text Control is found under the Create Link menu within UI designer: - 1-June-2014

  • The 'Edit Links' menu link is now only displayed when the user has the ManageWeb permission on the site where the navigation is loaded. This prevents the menu link from incorrectly displaying for sub-site owners when the navigation is inherited from a site where the user is not an owner.
  • Menus are now displayed using site and sub-site specific culture settings.
  • Urls for individual List Panel items can now be defined. Note: The Urls can only be clicked when using the 'Hover' panel mode. - 5-May-2014

  • Resolved issues for importing menus when multiple menu instances exist on the same page. - 29-April-2014

  • Sort Order setting is now displayed after saving in List Headings and Callout Headings. - 24-April-2014

  • Headings will now properly display titles with single quotes (')
  • Resolved issue with Audiences that contain SharePoint Groups.
  • Resolved issue with 'current' CSS class being incorrectly applied to top-level menu items without URLs.
  • Adding the 'nosetpos' CSS class to the CssClass attribute will now prevent drop down menus from repositioning to fit smaller browser windows.

    $$sparchstart runat="server" cssclass="nosetpos" $$sparchend - 11-April-2014

  • Added a Check for Updates button to the Design Bar that will check for new versions of Mega Drop Down. The button will only be visible to Farm Administrators and requires outbound Internet access from your SharePoint farm.

  • Resolved issue with the Audience Picker not displaying all SharePoint groups within the current site collection. - 3-April-2014

  • Updated UI Designer to workaround IE11 bug.
  • Added improved support for UI Designer and full-width drop downs.
  • Resolved issue with AltImage and AltImageHover for top-level menu items when not defining a url for the menu item.
  • Resolved issue with top-level menu items style changes. - 10-March-2014

  • Added multilingual support when using the GlobalMenuUrl parameter and relative site collection URLs. - 25-February-2014

  • Added internal cache support for Lists, Callouts, and Sites. Caching can now be enabled using the "Cache" attribute in the $$sparchstart $$sparchend element.

    The following options are available:

    Option Description
    list Caches List Headings
    site Caches Site Headings
    none Disables caching

    Multiple options can be specified by using the pipe '|' symbol:

    For example:

    $$sparchstart runat="server" cache="list|site" $$sparchend
    This will enable caching for both List and Site headings.

    The default cache time is 20 minutes and can be configured using the CacheTime attribute (expressed in seconds):

    $$sparchstart runat="server" cache="list|site" cachetime="1800" $$sparchend
    The above example would change the cache time to 30 minutes, 30m * 60s = 1800s. - 16-February-2014

  • Added CssClass option to $$sparchstart $$sparchend element. This will emit a class name for the outermost


    $$sparchstart runat="server" cssclass="myclass" $$sparchend
    Produces the following HTML:

  • Updated GlobalMenuUrl functionality to detect alternate access mapping paths.
  • Added second sample site: SuiteBar. This demonstrates using Mega Drop Down in the topmost "SuiteBar" and the default menu for Global Navigation. The sample can be installed via the .\samples\deploy.ps1 script. Please refer to samples-readme.txt for detailed instructions.
  • A Mega Drop Down version of olso.master is now included in the \samples directory. - 29-January-2014

  • Heading elements are properly updated in design mode.
  • Updated third-party libraries to support multiple versions of jQuery (issue 1456).
  • Added "None" option to Site Heading that will display a link to the site configuired in the Url property and will not display any sub-sites. - 13-January-2014

  • When GlobalMenuUrl is defined, the "Edit Links" link is no longer displayed on sites other than the GlobalMenuUrl site. - 7-January-2014

  • Two additional events added to execute custom code:

    Triggered after a drop down is opened

    Triggered after a drop down is closed

    Events can be handled using the following:

    $mddj(document).on("mddOpened", function (evt) { var drop = $mddj(; });
  • Resolved issue with Property Bars in Design Mode with IE8.
  • Added support for multiple List Panels within the same drop down.

2.3.4 - 16-December-2013

  • Updated 'current' class to highlight top-level navigation when static links, and Site Heading urls point to the url of the current site.
  • Added support to display rollup images for Publishing Pages. The checkbox "Display Rollup Images" on the Page Heading properties dialog can now be set to display the PublishingRollupImage column.
  • Added support for relative URLs to the GlobalMenuUrl attribute. URLs can now either be fully-qualified (e.g. or server relative (e.g. /sites/intranet).
  • Resolved issue when saving content block settings.
  • Resolved issue when applying styles to Link items.
  • Upgraded jQuery to version 1.10.2.
  • Changed JavaScript code to support multiple versions of jQuery loaded on a page. Mega Drop Down elements are now accessed using the variable $mddj instead of the default jQuery variable '$'

    Is now accessed using:
  • Updated seattle-mdd-dmgr.html master page (for Design Manager).
  • Added two custom events that allow you execute custom code:

    Triggered when a drop down is opened

    Triggered when a drop down is closed

    Events can be handled using the following:

    $mddj(document).on("mddOpen", function (evt) {var drop = $mddj(; });
  • Resolved issue with User Profile language settings. - 4-November-2013

  • Added support for vertical menus. Menus can be displayed vertically by setting the Display Format option for the top level menu from the Properties dialog.

    Note: While the mega menu will display vertically, your master page must accommodate a vertical display (i.e. allow for dynamic height).
  • Resolved issue with anonymous users and List Headings.
  • Added "Open link in new window" option for top-level menu items.
  • Improved CSS detection when using the "Text and Colors" and "Borders and Spacing" dialogs.
  • A vertical menu has been added to Quick Launch area in the Intranet sample site. - 21-October-2013

  • Fixed issue with top-menu bar resizing and absolute positioning.
  • Updated property dialogs when applying CSS values. - 30-September-2013

  • Fixed Position setting cache with List Heading Elements.

2.3.3 - 25-September-2013

  • Updated element focus when in design mode. This fixes the extra 1px border discrepency when not editing menus. Allows elements to be positioned adjacent to each other. Note: The default CSS was changed so you may see elements appear 1px closer to each other.
  • Reset Styles menu option will no longer reset the element's position.
  • Quick Edit (Datasheet View) is now enabled for lists based on the Navigation Item and CallOut Item list template.
  • A List Panel Control (available in Content Block menu) has been added that allows you to create a list of items that can display a separate panel of controls.

    The Intranet sample site has been updated to include an example of using the List Panel control.
    View the List Panel tutorial
  • A dynamic property bar is now available when right-clicking on elements. - 10-September-2013

  • Fixed HTML output for List Heading items using item CSS column.
  • Added noindex class to

    , , and tags. - 9-September-2013

  • Audiences are now properly saved.
  • Updated JavaScript to prevent script errors when opening link (Select Location) dialogs.
  • Resolved issue that closes Edit Item window when pressing ENTER key on Audience Picker dialog.

2.3.2 - 6-August-2013

  • Empty menus will no longer render a drop down.
  • Top level menus can now be security trimmed when the Url field points to a SharePoint Site. If a user does not have access to the site, the menu and drop down will not be displayed.

2.3 - 23-July-2013

  • A Video Control element has been added that will display a video within the menu drop down. The video element supports MP4, OGG, and WebM encoded videos and can be added from the Design Bar.
  • Resolved issue with Page Headings using custom views.
  • Navigation dialog for Headings and Image elements now browses to items and pages within lists and libraries.

2.2 - 12-July-2013

  • Resolved issue with drop down menus resetting position when resizing.
  • Search Link elements are now properly aligned when dropping onto Heading elements.
  • Resolved issue with losing menu CSS styles when resizing browser window.

2.1 - 4-June-2013

  • Updated Designer CSS to better support third-party Master Pages.
  • Updated Designer JavaScript to dynamically load SP.UI.Dialog resources.
  • Added Knowledgebase menu to Intranet sample site.

2.0.2 - 28-May-2013

  • Taxonomy Heading and multiple languages. Terms that have been translated are now displayed.

2.0.1 - 22-May-2013

  • Internet Explorer 8 Admin Changes Version updates to better support IE8 and UI Designer.