Mega Drop Down Professional 2016

Release Notes - 10-Feb-2018

  • Removed erroneous "Could not save menu data" error when saving menus in UI Designer.
  • Improved responsive design support when using third-party responsive master pages.
  • Resolved issue when using single letter names for menu item text.
  • Updated UI Designer to address stylesheet issue when using Chrome m64. - 7-Mar-2017

  • Updated jQuery.min.js to release 1.12.4. This is automatically included with Mega Drop Down and no action is needed.
  • Resolved issue with Calendar 'Add' link not working when using menus that are configured to open on mouse click.
  • Resolved issue when setting styles on outer drop down containers. - 26-Jan-2017

  • Resolved issue when accessing menu properties with multiple menu controls
  • Resolved issue with UI Designer when updating List Panels that use images. - 10-Nov-2016

  • Added ForceLanguage attribute to sparch:menu control that forces the menu to always load the menu in a specific language.

    For example:
    $$sparchstart runat='server' ... ForceLanguage='fr' $$sparchend

    This would force the menu to always load the French (fr) language definition.
  • Improved performance of UI Designer for Internet Explorer 9 - 18-Sep-2016

  • Managed Navigation URLs will no longer appear in lower case.
  • Resolved Content Search Control not rendering properly with IE11 and SharePoint 2016 June 2016 CU. - 23-Jun-2016

  • Resolved slide slow menu display option not saving.
  • Resolved Audience Picker not opening correctly on some SharePoint 2016 June 2016 CU.