Mega Drop Down Professional 2019

Release Notes - 9-Dec-2022

  • Added support for Subscription Edition (on-premises only)
  • Improved CSS styles
  • Drop down menus will not be displayed if content is not loaded - 14-Jan-2022

  • Updated styles to support new Communication site styles
  • Dynamic URL support (on-premises only) - 19-Nov-2021

  • Menus now display on all modern pages in Classic sites
  • Improved compatibility when importing from on-premises menus
  • List headings support multiple URL formats (SP 2019)
  • Resolved issue with Communication site z-index
  • Menu styles will reset when switching CSS inheritance modes. - 04-Mar-2021

  • Added support for new site templates in Administration site.
  • Added filtering for Teams sites.
  • Menu content now reloads automatically on mobile devices after switching apps.
  • Resolved issue when reloading menus on default Android browsers.
  • Resolved issue when refreshing menus on Chrome/Edge.
  • Improved menu load times on desktop browsers. - 06-Oct-2020

  • Updated styles to better match modern themes
  • Resolved issue when using multiple web-applications/alternate access mappings (2019 version only)
  • MDD Admin page will list default site collection when search service application has not been installed (2019 version only)
  • Added new CSS classes for mobile devices
  • Updated JavaScript files for legacy IE11 support - 06-Sep-2020

  • Added Teams Integration with SharePoint sites
  • Resolved issue with the command bar displaying on top of drop down menus for customers using third-party form controls
  • Added support for deploying menus to web applications with custom managed paths (2019 only)
  • Resolved issue with controls not saving position when moved using cursor (arrow) keys
  • Resolved issue when selecting links across site collections using the List Picker dialog
  • Updated drop down menu CSS for mobile devices
  • Updated JavaScript files for legacy IE11 support - 20-Apr-2020

  • We heard your feedback and have changed the menu display for mobile devices. We're bringing back the 'hamburger' menu! It will appear in the top right corner for both modern and classic sites:

  • For Communications sites (Office 365 only), Mega Drop Down supports the new collapsing behavior.

    Default menu position:

    Collapsed menu after scrolling the page:

  • We've included an updated version of several JavaScript support files to better support IE11 browsers. These files will be automatically updated with this release.
  • Resolved an issue with the Site Heading control not displaying sites for users with read-only access (e.g. Visitors). - 14-Feb-2020

  • Resolved issue with using Mega Drop Down with modern web parts on classic pages.
  • List Navigation picker dialog will now work across web applications (SharePoint 2019) - 23-Nov-2019

  • Links within drop down menus can be uniquely styled based on current URL
  • Resolved issue when menu is not displayed after using browser back button
  • Resolved issue when menu is not displayed after using Modern site quick links
  • Resolved issue when using Modern web parts on Classic sites - 18-May-2019

  • Added CSSUrl field to include custom CSS files

    From the Settings menu, enter a URL to a CSS file to be used:

  • Synchronized versions with Mega Drop Down for Office 365 - 8-Apr-2019

  • Initial Release