Deployment options for Office 365

Classic Sites Instructions

Modern Sites Instructions

The Mega Drop Down Administration application allows you to specify the Site Collections where Mega Drop Down should be displayed.

Mega Drop Down can be deployed to both Classic and Modern SharePoint Sites.

Classic Site Deployment Options

There are two methods of enabling Mega Drop Down on SharePoint

  • No code Method
  • Custom master page
No Code Method

The no code method will automatically display Mega Drop Down on your SharePoint site without the need to make any changes to your master page. Depending on the performance of SharePoint, the no code solution may be slightly slower than using a custom master page.

Custom master page

This method requires making several changes to your Master page. Please refer to the Mega Drop Down User Guide for detailed steps.

Modern Site Deployment Options

Mega Drop Down on Modern Sites requires that a SharePoint Add-In is added to your Site Collection. Once you have enabled Mega Drop Down from the Administration Site, browse to your Modern Site Collection and click Add an app from the settings menu:

From the Your Apps page, select Mega Drop Down for Modern Sites in the Apps you can add section:

It may take several minutes for SharePoint to deploy the Add-In.  Once deployed, Mega Drop Down can be displayed on your Modern Site.


Enabling Mega Drop Down

To enable Mega Drop Down on your site, locate the site collection(s) from the Site Collections list and click Enable:

Mega Drop Down should be enabled on the site and you can begin customizing your menu.

Sharing Navigation

Mega Drop Down provides the ability to share navigation across site collections using the following steps:

  1. Define a Source Navigation site
  2. Configure Site Collections to use Shared Navigation