Mega Drop Down Office 365 

Add-In Deployment

Mega Drop Down Office 365 uses a SharePoint Add-In to display menus on Modern Sites.

To use Mega Drop Down automatically across the tenant, Office 365 requires Add-Ins to be manually added to the tenant's AppCatalog site.

After installing Mega Drop Down Office 365, please use the following steps to add the Add-In to your tenant.

  1. As a Farm Administrator, open your tenant's AppCatalog site in the browser. The typical location of this site would be in the AppCatalog Site Collection:

    You can find the exact URL from Central Administration / Apps / Manage App Catalog.

  2. Click on the Apps for SharePoint link:

  3. Click the Upload link:

  4. Click the Choose Files button:

  5. Navigate to the setup directory from the PC where you deployed Mega Drop Down.  This directory is located at C:\Program Files\Archetonomy.

  6. Select the file MegaDropDown.sppkg and click Open:

  7. From the Add a document window, click OK:

  8. Once uploaded, a confirmation window will open.  Click the Make this solution available to all sites in the organization.

  9. Click Deploy.


It may take a few minutes to deploy the Add-In. Once deployed you can then enable the menu for each site collection from the MDD Administration site.