On Premises Mega Menus

Build SharePoint mega menus in minutes

Add Mega Menus to your SharePoint site with Mega Drop Down for SharePoint 2019 or Subscription Edition!

SharePoint's default navigation provides a basic view of your site. In today's SharePoint environment however, your content is spread across many site collections using both the classic and modern experience.

Create a single menu that combines navigation across site collections for both classic and modern sites! With Mega Drop Down, there is no need to manage navigation separately for each site collection.

SharePoint Mega Menus

Responsive menus on any device

Mega Drop Down menus adjust their layout and appearance based on the device that is accessing your site. All without the need to write any code!

Our out-of-the-box responsive menus are based on a lightweight version of the Bootstrap framework and can be easily added into a Bootstrap-compatible site. Menus can also be tailored to work in hybrid or custom environments.

Mega menus on modern sites display responsively without any changes!

SharePoint Responsive Mega Menus

Display all of your SharePoint content

Content in your SharePoint sites is stored in many different locations and users need a simple and easy way to categorize and highlight this information.

Here are some of the types of content that can be displayed in your menus:

  • Modern Site Content
  • Content Callouts
  • Content Search Queries
  • Dynamic Site Navigation
  • Images
  • Multilevel lists and folders
  • Publishing Pages
  • Search Controls
  • Search links
  • SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Static Links
  • Static Text
  • Styled layout and blocks
  • Two-level List Panels

Cross-Site Collection Menus

SharePoint's default navigation requires that each Site Collection display unique navigation. Having different menus based on each Site Collection makes finding content confusing for users. Mega Drop Down content can be displayed from any Site Collection or Web Application.

Menus can be configured to share navigation across collections allowing content to be managed from a single location. When you update the navigation in Mega Drop Down, the changes are immediately available to every site collection—without the need to synchronize or duplicate content.

Build mega menus from your browser

The built-in UI designer allows content owners to create and style mega menus directly from the browser without the need to write HTML or CSS.

Mega Drop Down's Content Block architecture allows designers to create custom layouts that match your site's branding.

Mega Menu UI Designer

SharePoint Responsive Mega Menu on iPhone

Mobile Navigation

Mega Menus can adapt to the size of any device.

SharePoint 2019/SSE Mega Menus

SharePoint 2016

Support for SharePoint 2016, 2019, and Subscription Edition!

SharePoint Mega Menu Intranet

Rich Content

Design your menus directly in the browser without needing to write HTML or CSS!

SharePoint Mega Menu Search Controls

Search Controls

Embed search controls in your menu to only search specific locations.

SharePoint Mega Menu List Panel

List Panels

Use List Panel controls to display multiple levels of navigation.

SharePoint Mega Menu Modify Colors

Menu Styling

Easily adjust text and colors for your menus!

SharePoint Mega Menu Spacing

Menu Spacing

Position and organize menu content.

Responsive Design

Enable menu content to appear responsively on any device

The Basics

Learn how to build mega menus in minutes.

Using the list panel

Design multi-level navigation using the List Panel control.

Content Search

Use the Content Search control to find and display content from anywhere in your site.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 or Subscription Edition
  • Edge (Chromium)
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Mega Drop Down for On Premises

SharePoint Responsive Mega Menus