Version for SharePoint 2013 Released

October 23, 2014

  • Resolved Access Denied issue when a user is attempting to view a dropdown menu that contains a Callout List that exists in a site that the user does not have at least read access.
  • UI Designer properly saves Search Link elements that are nested inside Heading elements.
  • The Property, Text and Colors, and Borders and Spacing dialogs now display element properties in separate sections to better support smaller resolution environments.

  • Added a Person Site Column that can be added to Callout Elements. This column can contain a reference to a SharePoint User. When populated, the Person column displays the user Name and Lync Presence in the specified format defined in the Column's properties:

  • The Select Navigation dialog when browsing for links from UI Designer now supports Alternate Access Mappings. The Site Collection drop down will display the current browser URL instead of the Default Alternate Access Mapping URLs.
  • Resolved repositioning issue in UI Designer when closing and reopening menus before saving changes

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