Version 2.4.5 for SharePoint 2013 Released

June 26, 2015

  • List Headings can now display nested folders. Specify the number of nested folders (depth) by changing the Depth of folders to display option:

    If styling the menu using CSS, reference nested sections using the CSS selector:".mdd-section.sub”:

    <div class='mdd-section sub'>list items</div>

    Sections that contain sub-sections have the children class applied and can be referenced as: “.mdd-section.children”

    <div class='mdd-section children'>list items</div>

    If styling the menu using UI Designer, select the Sub-sections item in the Apply to drop down:

    The example sites have been updated to include a new drop down named Research which demonstrates using two levels of navigation links.
  • Url column values for List Headings and Callout Headings that contain URLs to the current SharePoint site will now be dynamically rewritten to point to the current Alternate Access Mapping zone instead of the default zone.
  • When using the Sort Order value "Position" for List Headings, folders and list items are now sorted regardless if the item is a Folder or a Link. Previously folder items always appeared before links regardless of the Position column value.
  • Resolved issue with List Heading properties not saving correctly in non-English (en-us) environments.

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