Version 2.4.0 for SharePoint 2013 Released

March 07, 2015

  • Arrow keys can now position drop down elements. To reposition items, hover over an element to mark it active and then use the up/down/left/right arrow keys.
  • jQuery upgraded to 1.11.2. This is automatically included from the /15/layouts/archetonomy/mdd/js/jquery.min.js file and no action is needed.
  • Improved detection of Window 8/8.1 devices.
  • Added Content Search Control that displays search results inside a drop down menu.

    View the Content Search video tutorial

    The control can be found under the Content Block menu in the UI Designer tool bar. Create a new Content Search Control by dragging the control to your menu:

    Create a query by clicking the Change Query button:

    Customize query parameters in the Query Builder window:

    If your query is displaying images or custom columns, click the Change Columns button:

    Use the Column Builder window to assign search result fields to fields displayed by Mega Drop Down.

    - Select the Basic tab to added standard SharePoint Search columns.
    - Select the Managed tab to add custom Managed Search Properties.

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