Version for SharePoint 2013 Released

August 31, 2015

  • Taxonomy Navigation Urls will be listed as fully qualified Urls for the current Web Application.
  • Lists can now be excluded from caching by specifying the list Url in the CacheExcludeList attribute within the sparch:menu declaration in the master page.

    For example:

    $$sparchstart CacheExcludeList='' $$sparchend

    The list located at '' will be not be included in Mega Drop Down's internal memory cache.

    Multiple lists can be declared by separating each list Url with the pipe (|) symbol.

    For example:

    $$sparchstart CacheExcludeList=' |'$$sparchend

    The lists located at '' and '' will both be excluded from Mega Drop Down's memory cache.

    The Url specified for the CacheExcludeList attribute should exactly match the Url defined for the List Heading.

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